A portion of this year’s proceeds will be held as an award for information leading to the unsolved Missoula case of Lucca, a Braach’s PTSD service dog who was stolen, shot twice in the head and once in the chest by SOMEONE!  Lucca survived and was found walking down a road 8 miles away from where he was last seen, right outside his home with Tony, his veteran.  This wonderful human called Missoula animal control and Lucca was rushed for medical care before they even knew who he belonged to. TRUE HEROS IN THIS STORY!  He underwent two surgeries to remove two of the bullets.  There is still one lodged in his head that cannot be removed.  He will not be the same animal as he now suffers from PTSD, the condition in which he was trained to service.  Please help Lucca get back on his feet and find who is responsible for this. Please support our future service animals and their much-deserving veterans by donating today.

Mount Marston Biker Rally
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